Why Running May not Help You to Lose Weight

Though running appears to be a great way to exercise, if you are doing it with the idea of losing weight, you are on the wrong track. Be clear on this, running will not help you shed fat and contribute much to your weight loss program. You need to make some adjustments in your program re your cardio training to help you reach that slimmer, fitter you.

On working out
Like any type of machine your body too adjusts to regular movement in a short space of time i.e. if you do the same exercises over and over again the whole process will become easier. This happens when you take to regular running.

The steel mace can be a great addition to your training program. The steel mace will build a string durable body and will help increase your cardio which will in turn help your running. You can find some great tips at the Steel Mace Australia Instagram page.

The normal effort you would put in – resulting in sweating and pumping movement of the legs, becomes more effortless. Your metabolism soon picks up the movement and the result is fewer calories get burnt though you are investing the same energy.

Similarly if you take up cardio exercises by using the treadmill for around 45 minutes, you will lose a bit of weight initially in the first couple of weeks. But because your metabolism soon adjusts to this movement, and does not put in the same effort required to get rid of the fat.

Bulgarian bags have been used a lot my long distance runner, they are another fantastic all body strength and conditioning tool. Bulgarian bags are a great workout that are not only very effective, but lot’s of fun too!

Tips for Personal Trainers: How to Get More Clients

Group personal training classes are one of the most fun form of workout because your clients have to constantly keep challenging themselves. Being a personal trainer, attracting customers for this workout regime is a tough process as not every health conscious person would want to be a health freak. So, how do you find a strong fitness marketing strategy that will encourage clients to sign up for boot camp classes.

Here are a few tips that will give you positive results if done correctly.

Flyers all the way
It may sound repetitive, but flyers work all the time. Every single time. Make your content strong yet appealing. It should be interesting in a way that it highlights the USP of joining your boot camp classes. Print it in colour paper as it is more attractive. Select areas near your fitness centre and start spreading the flyers in Spain & Malta. Another key point where you can give away flyers is at nearby malls. The footfalls are so many, that you can always get a few leads.

Promote with proof
Put up videos or images of your existing clients undertaking exercise at Dangerously Fit Personal Training after seeking their permission. Show the transformation from fat to fit so that visitors on your website realise the drastic change that occurs when people join boot camp classes. This is a sure shot way to not only promote your existing workout regime but to also encourage more clients. As a fitness marketing strategy, this is a visual manifestation of your hard work.

If you want to become a personal trainer the best thing to do is to go to your local gym and ask for recommendations on the best local personal trainer course.

The Dangerously Fit Academy in Malta is such a school, unlike other Malta personal trainer courses the Dangerously Fit Academy will do everything possible to help you succeed.

Create challenge on social media
Social media does create a buzz about your fitness centre in Spain and Malta if you strategically market it. Create a challenge or a contest and throw it open to all. In this way, videos, photos will begin pouring in on your Facebook page. It will not create a discussion and fun on your webpage but also generate new interest amongst visitors.

You can gift the winner a free boot camp class so that it will challenge each of your fan members to push themselves so that they can get the free class. It’s also always good to make sure you add your website address on social medias such as http://courses.ptcertifications.com/kettlebell-instructor-certifications/

Conduct free workshops
When you are interested in creating a positive feeling towards your boot camp classes, the best way is to offer free workshops on it. You will instantly have many people sign up for it. In fitness marketing, offering anything free to your potential personal training clients always works well because the it encourages those who are clueless about boot camps to get a glimpse or teaser of showing them what exactly they are getting into.

Join the Aussie Cops
Group personal training classes in Spain and Malta are usually for those who exercise regularly. You can almost call it the next level of exercising. In Australia, cops are supposed to be fit. So, strike a deal with the Cops and give them a discount. Including the local cops will be a massive hit amongst your community. These boot camp classes will also put the cops into shape.

Things You Need for Each Personal Training Session

Be Professional
Having a professional attitude is a great way of convincing clients that you deserve the session rates you charge. Never be late if you are training clients at home or at their workplace. Do not skip sessions under any pretext or if you must, then do inform your clients in advance and compensate later for the missed session. Nothing is more frustrating for a client than waiting for a trainer who does not turn up. Clients learn from you and if you are shoddy in your approach, they too will lack the will required to reach their fitness goals.

Stay Focused
You have learnt all about personal training during your kettlebell certifications courses to help clients attain a better lifestyle. So stay focused just on that during your sessions. Avoid idle chitchat or personal talks with clients. Switch off your mobile and shut out the outside world.

Once you are with your clients, all that matters is how much value you are handing out, how much improvement you are making in their fitness level and how well you are teaching them to do their workouts correctly and perfectly.

Have the Right Attitude
This is another important aspect that is emphasized on during your personal training certification courses. Becoming certified is what differentiates professionals from amateurs. Wear the right attire which means proper workout clothes and shoes. Don’t turn up for your training session wearing just whatever you feel like. This makes you look shoddy and clients may not take you seriously. Maintain a neat and well-groomed look just as if you are attending your office. Have a determined look and a no-nonsense attitude so that clients take you seriously.

Go to: https://www.personaltrainercoursessunshinecoast.com.au/online-certificate-iii-iv-in-fitness/

Be Involved
Don’t just sit and watch over your group going through their daily grind. Get up and get involved. Roam around and keep an eye on each and every client. Offer tips, help them perfect their form and keep the motivation high. Both CEC and CPD accredited online kettlebell courses by the Dangerously Fit Academy.

Online Personal Fitness Training vs Boot Camp Training

Boot Camps are Extremely Motivating 

Unless you are super determined, working out with an online fitness trainer can become tiresome after a while. Once the initial enthusiasm peters out it is difficult to maintain the routine, doing the same workouts; using the same machines. It does become boring and most quit midway after shedding just a few pounds.

This is where a boot camp makes all the difference to training with an online fitness trainer. Your instructor is there to motivate you and the workouts keep changing for every session you attend.

This is because trainers at boot camps combine different workout styles to create limitless options for interesting exercise modules.

You workout in groups which means you are surrounded by people who share your enthusiasm and goals for fitness.

online fitness

Even if you feel too lethargic, your friends will call up and ‘force’ you to attend your sessions because the team isn’t complete without you. It’s a totally different atmosphere where exercising is something you look forward to.

Boot Camps Offer Long-term Improvement 

You must join a boot camp today if you are earnest about changing the way you look and live. Instructors at boot camps do more than just show you how to exercise the right way. They make a positive difference to your lifestyle by offering realistic tips on diet and nutrition. You learn more about good food and the ones to avoid; prepare tasty wholesome meals from everyday ingredients and how to manage your rest time. This knowledge helps you to maintain your ideal weight for years.

Moreover, the workouts at boot camps require little or no equipment and you can do them anywhere even after your sessions are over.

Needless to say, this is again something that is missing from hiring an online fitness trainer.

Discover the Benefits of Personal Trainers

There are many ways people try to maintain their health and keep their weight checked from time to time. Some people choose dieting for this; some start workouts, and others prefer jogging. In addition, there are still those who just worry about their increasing weights. Coogee personal trainers are one of the most effective ways out of all the methods to keep your weight in control and make yourself a healthy being.

What are personal trainers?

Personal training studios are basically places where group based activities are carried out under the supervision of a skilled fitness trainer. The groups are small and often consist of 6 to 10 members. The concept of personal trainers in Coogee may resemble military training camps, but a little bit different in that you don’t have to face a yelling sergeant shouting at you if you fail to do as instructed. On the contrary, the personal training in Coogee is conducted in a friendly environment and the atmosphere provided is enough to make you feel motivated. The group members and trainers together provide an excellent support system that motivates you throughout.

If you think that it doesn’t matter if you workout at home alone, gym or with personal trainers in Coogee, then you are absolutely wrong. It does make a great difference. Here, you don’t have to follow a boring workout schedule or walk on a treadmill daily. With personal training, you are presented with different physical challenges that you are supposed to carry out in groups. It is more like sports. All activities are designed to let you enjoy every moment you burn your calories. You can imagine how many calories you can burn in 30 minutes of vigorous physical activities like jogging, hurdle race, running, Y-squats, pull-ups, push-ups and many more such activities.

Half an hour to one hour spent in Coogee exercise classes is far better than the hours you spend on treadmills. This is useful especially for those people who are willing to reduce weight rapidly. The activities themselves are engaging and motivating beside other factors. You cannot have such motivation when you go for gym. The advanced Coogee personal trainers provide three stages of exercises at different levels. The tasks are designed accordingly, that is, for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

Man is a social animal and he feels more confident when he socializes with different people. Personal trainers provide an excellent chance to do so. You can find different people from all walks of life to interact and make friends with. Their encouragement along with the guidance of your trainer will let you push a little harder than you would be doing alone on your own. Moving from one exercise to another without taking breaks will not only boost your physical stamina but will also bring positive psychological and mental effects. You will learn to face mental challenges by accomplishing these physical challenges.

These Coogee personal trainers provide not only a healthy start to your old routine life but also bring a feeling of a well-being. The participants get a feeling of achievement at the completion of it. It has proved to be a great mood lifter. There are happy hormones that are produced in the body when you sweat out after exercises. So it is highly suggested to people who are stressed out or who are going through depressive phases of their lives that they should engage themselves with personal trainers or other such activities.

It will be a great source of distraction and will bring about mental peace and relaxation. Such personal trainers are also very beneficial to elderly people who need to maintain their health. Beside specially designed workouts, they get a chance to interact and mingle with people of same age groups. Special personal trainers for women are also designed for ladies who want to maintain their shape. They also get time out only for them to enjoy out of hectic daily life routine.

When you go back to your routine after such camping, you will feel more energized, refreshed and boosted. With boosted self esteem, you can face the challenges of life in a better manner.

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Common Fat Loss Myths

It costs nothing to offer unsolicited advice and most people around are forever ready to dole out tips on everything under the sun! But when it comes to exercise and fitness, you must take such advice with a pinch of salt. This is because, fitness and workouts are related to your health and you must discuss such issues only with qualified body transformation trainers.

Stay Clear of Fitness Myths 

While some weight loss myths are quite harmless, others are not really so. There are plenty of fitness workout myths that can prevent you from enjoying your sessions or teach you the wrong way of exercising. It is absolutely essential for you to separate the wheat from the chaff if you want to follow a truly safe, intense and effective workout.

The Body Tranformations Experts!

You can find this cool 12 Week Body Challenge video on Youtube.

Sweating is an Indication of the Effectiveness of your Workout

Typically, copious sweating is considered as an indication that you have really worked hard during your entire body transformation training session. You end the session on a high note and with a sense of accomplishment at having achieved something. However, experts maintain that sweating is not always an indication of how hard you have worked or how effective all that has been. Sweating is just your body’s own way of cooling itself; it has nothing to do with the amount of calories burnt during a strenuous activity.

It’s Alright to Exercise as long as you are Comfortable

Typically, people think that exercising is not a big deal. All they have to do is follow some exercise manuals and do a few squats. However, the truth is that exercise is a science in itself and involves different categories like aerobic workouts, anaerobic workouts, flexibility training etc. You should also take care of your diet, nutrition and behavioural patterns if you want to see actual fat loss results within a timeframe. Only trained 12 week body transformation instructors have the knowledge and experience to help you in creating a programme that is effective, safe and healthy.

What Steps to Take if Your Exercise Routine isn’t Working for you

It is so common for seasoned exercisers to reach a workout plateau during their fitness programme. It is that stage when your regular exercise routine no longer seems to provide the same results. You may be following the same schedule and sticking to a disciplined lifestyle yet you see no improvement in your performance.

In such a situation, don’t just change your fitness programme randomly. Rather, talk to a personal trainer in Rushcutters Bay to know more about what you can do in order to derive maximum benefit from your regular fitness programme.

Check out your Posture 

The correct posture is absolutely essential if you want your exercise programme to really make a difference to your health and fitness. If you slouch or slump during your workouts, you are just not exercising the right way. This means, all your hard work is going to waste and you are also causing extensive damage to your muscles and joints by applying pressure on them the wrong way.

However, maintaining the right posture throughout your entire session is something that is often overlooked. So if you feel that your exercise programme is not yielding the expected results, do check out your posture. A Rushcutters fitness program is the best way to get fit and lose weight and each workout session is both effective and safe.

Check your Fluid Intake 

Studies indicate that if you maintain an adequate level of fluid intake both prior to and during your workouts, you can work out more without feeling tired or quitting midway due to dehydration and exhaustion. This means that if you are not being able to complete your training sessions or if you find the exercises too exhaustive, consider increasing the quantity of water you drink before beginning your sessions and also in-between strenuous movements.

Check your Rest Period 

You are absolutely wrong if you think that rest and exercise don’t go hand in hand! Rather; your rest periods have a huge impact on your performance during workout sessions. This is because your muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear during rigorous exercises. It is only during your rest period that they undergo massive recovery and reconstruction process that keeps them healthy, fresh and ready for your next session.

If you exercise without giving your muscles the adequate time to heal properly, you will never be able to reach a peak performance. You will feel fatigued and listless throughout your session. So if you are not getting the desired result from your fitness programme, talk to your trainer about how to incorporate adequate rest periods in your daily schedule.  It is best to exercise on alternate days with alternate periods of rest in between.

Add some Variety 

A regular workout can definitely become monotonous after some time. And a boring workout is not something that will work for you. You will never see the desired result if you cannot motivate yourself to give hundred percent during each session. Talk to your trainer on ways to incorporate different styles of fitness in your routine to make it exciting and stimulating. Combine aerobic, anaerobic and flexible training to overcome fitness plateaus and boredom.

Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Trainer to Teach your Employees at the Workplace

You must have heard of the numerous benefits of regular exercise but have you ever analysed its role in enhancing the work performance of your employees? Scientific research proves that tension and work stress decreases considerably if your employees practice regular workouts. One way you can promote the good health of your employees is by hiring a personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters for them.

Promote your employer brand

Nowadays businesses are competing against each other to attract the best talent. One of the reasons why talented employees will want to work with your company is because they get to avail great facilities and benefit from the positive work culture. What can be more inspiring to your employees than the chance to up their fitness levels by collaborating with a personal fitness trainer in Burleigh Waters.

Once you make this small investment for the health of your employees you are actually sending out a strong message to the corporate world that you actually care for your employees.

Increase attendance and decrease organizational work loss costs

There are days when employees take leave because they are unwell. There are also days when they report for work unwell and they fail to achieve anything productive. Both these categories increase the work loss cost of an organisation and is a major challenge for human resource personnel.

A simple way to cut up to 70% of the organisational work loss cost is by urging employees to exercise and keeping a Burleigh Waters personal trainer for them. Employee health issues involve cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory issues, digestive disorders, cancer and toxic stress. The good news is that all these health issues can be decreased/ prevented by regular moderate to intensive exercise under Burleigh Waters personal fitness trainers.

Enhance productivity levels

Productivity levels of employees are directly dependant on the state of their health. Scientific research proves that workers who take little or no exercise are 50% more prone to premature fatigue, sluggishness and mental exhaustion. Exercise releases a bunch of beneficial hormones in the body and makes employees more alert, productive and happy.

The personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters will make sure that your employee workout regime is going right on track. He will devise interesting physical activities for your employees that will actually make them look forward to their group workouts.

Promote team spirit, discipline and focus

There is a reason why bootcamp style group workouts are so popular. They promote team spirit, discipline and goal orientation. These three attributes are intricately connected to work performance. When your employees perform group exercises under the supervision of personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters they begin to develop their sense of cooperation and team spirit.

Exercising regularly will make your employees more disciplined and hard working and this will soon translate into enhanced work performances. Lastly regular goal oriented workouts will increase the sense of goal orientation in workers and you will find that they are up to accepting any kind of challenge in the future.