About This Blog


Welcome to my “Help Yourself” Blog, a place where I hope to get some great stories of general health ideas, exercise groups, boot camps and general physical fun!

Staying Fit and Healthy is a minimal requirement for all of us, and certainly if we were all a bit more aware of our own bodies and general health, then the knock-on effect to our friends and loved ones would surely make society as a whole better on the outside… and maybe a little on the inside, too.

So that’s why I wanted to let you know you could Help Yourself – dip in, read a recommendation, leave one of your own; or send me an email if you have a better story you want to share with others.

Because no one can make you better without the first (and most important) person acting straight away: yourself.

Wishing you great health and brilliant futures,

Deborah M

Owner – Cultural Precinct