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What Steps to Take if Your Exercise Routine isn’t Working for you

It is so common for seasoned exercisers to reach a workout plateau during their fitness programme. It is that stage when your regular exercise routine no longer seems to provide the same results. You may be following the same schedule and sticking to a disciplined lifestyle yet you see no improvement in your performance.

In such a situation, don’t just change your fitness programme randomly. Rather, talk to a personal trainer in Rushcutters Bay to know more about what you can do in order to derive maximum benefit from your regular fitness programme.

Check out your Posture 

The correct posture is absolutely essential if you want your exercise programme to really make a difference to your health and fitness. If you slouch or slump during your workouts, you are just not exercising the right way. This means, all your hard work is going to waste and you are also causing extensive damage to your muscles and joints by applying pressure on them the wrong way.

However, maintaining the right posture throughout your entire session is something that is often overlooked. So if you feel that your exercise programme is not yielding the expected results, do check out your posture. A Rushcutters fitness program is the best way to get fit and lose weight and each workout session is both effective and safe.

Check your Fluid Intake 

Studies indicate that if you maintain an adequate level of fluid intake both prior to and during your workouts, you can work out more without feeling tired or quitting midway due to dehydration and exhaustion. This means that if you are not being able to complete your training sessions or if you find the exercises too exhaustive, consider increasing the quantity of water you drink before beginning your sessions and also in-between strenuous movements.

Check your Rest Period 

You are absolutely wrong if you think that rest and exercise don’t go hand in hand! Rather; your rest periods have a huge impact on your performance during workout sessions. This is because your muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear during rigorous exercises. It is only during your rest period that they undergo massive recovery and reconstruction process that keeps them healthy, fresh and ready for your next session.

If you exercise without giving your muscles the adequate time to heal properly, you will never be able to reach a peak performance. You will feel fatigued and listless throughout your session. So if you are not getting the desired result from your fitness programme, talk to your trainer about how to incorporate adequate rest periods in your daily schedule.  It is best to exercise on alternate days with alternate periods of rest in between.

Add some Variety 

A regular workout can definitely become monotonous after some time. And a boring workout is not something that will work for you. You will never see the desired result if you cannot motivate yourself to give hundred percent during each session. Talk to your trainer on ways to incorporate different styles of fitness in your routine to make it exciting and stimulating. Combine aerobic, anaerobic and flexible training to overcome fitness plateaus and boredom.