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Why Running May not Help You to Lose Weight

Though running appears to be a great way to exercise, if you are doing it with the idea of losing weight, you are on the wrong track. Be clear on this, running will not help you shed fat and contribute much to your weight loss program. You need to make some adjustments in your program re your cardio training to help you reach that slimmer, fitter you.

On working out
Like any type of machine your body too adjusts to regular movement in a short space of time i.e. if you do the same exercises over and over again the whole process will become easier. This happens when you take to regular running.

The steel mace can be a great addition to your training program. The steel mace will build a string durable body and will help increase your cardio which will in turn help your running. You can find some great tips at the Steel Mace Australia Instagram page.

The normal effort you would put in – resulting in sweating and pumping movement of the legs, becomes more effortless. Your metabolism soon picks up the movement and the result is fewer calories get burnt though you are investing the same energy.

Similarly if you take up cardio exercises by using the treadmill for around 45 minutes, you will lose a bit of weight initially in the first couple of weeks. But because your metabolism soon adjusts to this movement, and does not put in the same effort required to get rid of the fat.

Bulgarian bags have been used a lot my long distance runner, they are another fantastic all body strength and conditioning tool. Bulgarian bags are a great workout that are not only very effective, but lot’s of fun too!

Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Trainer to Teach your Employees at the Workplace

You must have heard of the numerous benefits of regular exercise but have you ever analysed its role in enhancing the work performance of your employees? Scientific research proves that tension and work stress decreases considerably if your employees practice regular workouts. One way you can promote the good health of your employees is by hiring a personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters for them.

Promote your employer brand

Nowadays businesses are competing against each other to attract the best talent. One of the reasons why talented employees will want to work with your company is because they get to avail great facilities and benefit from the positive work culture. What can be more inspiring to your employees than the chance to up their fitness levels by collaborating with a personal fitness trainer in Burleigh Waters.

Once you make this small investment for the health of your employees you are actually sending out a strong message to the corporate world that you actually care for your employees.

Increase attendance and decrease organizational work loss costs

There are days when employees take leave because they are unwell. There are also days when they report for work unwell and they fail to achieve anything productive. Both these categories increase the work loss cost of an organisation and is a major challenge for human resource personnel.

A simple way to cut up to 70% of the organisational work loss cost is by urging employees to exercise and keeping a Burleigh Waters personal trainer for them. Employee health issues involve cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory issues, digestive disorders, cancer and toxic stress. The good news is that all these health issues can be decreased/ prevented by regular moderate to intensive exercise under Burleigh Waters personal fitness trainers.

Enhance productivity levels

Productivity levels of employees are directly dependant on the state of their health. Scientific research proves that workers who take little or no exercise are 50% more prone to premature fatigue, sluggishness and mental exhaustion. Exercise releases a bunch of beneficial hormones in the body and makes employees more alert, productive and happy.

The personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters will make sure that your employee workout regime is going right on track. He will devise interesting physical activities for your employees that will actually make them look forward to their group workouts.

Promote team spirit, discipline and focus

There is a reason why bootcamp style group workouts are so popular. They promote team spirit, discipline and goal orientation. These three attributes are intricately connected to work performance. When your employees perform group exercises under the supervision of personal fitness trainer Burleigh Waters they begin to develop their sense of cooperation and team spirit.

Exercising regularly will make your employees more disciplined and hard working and this will soon translate into enhanced work performances. Lastly regular goal oriented workouts will increase the sense of goal orientation in workers and you will find that they are up to accepting any kind of challenge in the future.